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The Goal

22. 3. 2007

The Goal

My aim is to try presented method in practice and use their results for companies and also for my Bachelor thesis “Valuation of the services level offered by chosen organization”.

I’m fully confident that, this survey is not only a resource of data for doing my thesis, but foremost to use the instrument of the SERVQUAL to understand company’s customers needs and relationship between them and the company. Outcome form this study should help company to better quality of their services provided.

This web will be then a place for sharing information of the survey members, such as companies, customers and other stakeholders. On this SERVQUAL web will be also placed information about running survey and presented latest results.

The web as a component of my Bachelor thesis, have taken a part in the "František Egermayer's Award" competition in the category "Bachelor and master thesis" arranged by Czech Society for Quality (ČSJ). My project was found very good, but it didn't win the award. However, it was recomended to be presented in the official magazine of the Czech Society for Quality called "Perspektivy jakosti".

On this address you can see, how the method looks a like:

Business Advantage



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